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“Holzplast” Trading Company offers you high quality exterior cladding materials for your house.
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Decking boards Holzdeck

About the product

Decking boards Holzdeck can be used for many purposes: to design the area around swimming pool, as flooring material in summer pavilion or as pavement in your garden.”

A „Holzdeck“ set comprises a sub construction batten, a mounting clip of stainless steel as well as the decking boards “Holzdeck”. Our decking boards have a texture which are modelled on the structure of a real tree without the disadvantages that go along with this natural material. Our complete range of „Holzdeck“ decking boards available can be accessed in the section “product catalog”.

Comparison: Decking boards „Holzdeck“ vs. natural wood

  • Moisture resistance: adverse weather events like snow and rain are very harmful to real wood, but constitute no danger for decking boards. Thanks to the technology “watertight” which is used for the production of „Holzdeck“, this product is suitable for rooms with increased humidity as well as for the exterior areas without experiencing appearance changing deformations, or swelling up.
  • Low maintenance: The decking boards „Holzdeck“ do not require additional attention, routine painting or the application of special protection agents. They do not rip or splinter and are pleasant to touch like natural wood.
  • Simple installation: The decking boards „Holzdeck“ are easy to install. A special locking system ensures a safe connection and supports a load of up to 500 kg/square metre without any difficulty.
  • Slip-resistant: The German technology „anti-skidding“ prevents people from slipping on the decking boards.
  • Resistance to fluctuation of temperature: at low temperatures, decking boards „Holzdeck“ display an excellent impact resistance. Even on hot summer days they remain stable. The product stands up against even extreme fluctuations of temperatures between -50°C and +70°C stand and still retain its properties.

Prices of vinyl siding

The price of vinyl siding is set by the manufacturer, i.e. the Holzplast company. Cost may vary slightly depending on the region where you live and our trade partner where you buy the product. All distributors are directly supplied by us. Hence, if you choose “Holzplast”, you will receive the product at manufacturer price.


Holzplast offers vinyl siding in wholesale and retail through their regional distributors and abroad. Every wholesaler can be displayed on the map. You can easily find the location by clicking the button „Where to buy” Please ask our representatives for the GTC and current offers.

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